Sunday, July 5, 2009

Using a Pseudonym

I debated for a years about whether to publish under a pen name or my own name. On the one hand, there is something in me that wants to put my own name on the stories that I have labored to write. On the other hand, for reasons of privacy, I prefer to remain behind a persona, especially online.

For reasons I don't totally understand, I struggled over this issue for a very long time. Now that I've made the decision to use a pseudonym, and to create an alter ego for my online marketing, I can't understand why the decision was so difficult.

Many novelists have used pseudonyms, for a variety of reasons, so it isn't like I'm doing something unusual. On the contrary, using a pseudonym seems to be very common. I guess it just feels strange to me to use a different name, even though I've been blogging under a "bloggish identity" for years.

In any case, having made the decision, I'm happy with it. Meredith may be a pen name, but my Inner Author is a real, honest-to-god part of who I always have been. I consider Meredith to be the writer in me. I'm kind of glad to give her a name and a semi-separate persona.

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