Sunday, August 16, 2009

Author Bio - EEEK

Writing an Author's Bio is one of those tasks that causes brain-lock for me. I have no problem writing about myself. I've been blogging about myself and my life for a long time. Prattling on about random observations is easy. Squeezing that into the teensy box required by the "Author's Bio" is more than I can handle.

First of all, Author's Bios require past writing credits. Well, that puts me at a disadvantage from the get-go since I have none, or at least I had none before I published Always Faithful. What is more, most people still don't think of self-published work as "real" published work. (I may even be one of them.)

Author's Bios also usually want to know your "platform". My platform is: I'm a middle aged lady writing about middle aged people. Now, there's a sexy marketing angle that'll have customers lining up at the the Barnes and Noble! I guess maybe I could spin it in the direction of "I write Boomer fiction." But Boomers are such narcissistic jerks, who would want to read about us? (Only us, probably, ... but then again there are a heck of a lot of us.)

Author's Bios usually request humorous and revealing anecdotes about your life. I'm using a pseudonym. Whose "life" do I use? The "life" of the alter-ego who is actually a fictional character, in which case I could write a really bang-up fictional bio? Or, the utterly dull and boring real life of the person whose name is so plain and whose life is so dull and uninteresting she needed to create a pen name in the first place?

It's a quandary.

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