Sunday, August 2, 2009

Publishing Adventures & Marketing Nightmares

I published Always Faithful on CreateSpace this week. That was a huge thrill. My story, three years in the writing, is now available for sale. My very best friend bought the first copy. (I love you, J!)

My decision to self-publish arose from my frustration with "traditional" process of querying agents, which was going nowhere, and taking up way too much of my time ... Time I thought I could spend more productively writing fiction.

Now that I have gone down that road, I realize that self-publishing carries with it certain negative aspects as well, starting with the obligation to market your own work. In the current world, that means being on Facebook and Twitter and various writing sites, in the hope of steering traffic to your book. Who's got time for THAT!????

I'm a writer not a salesperson, but I guess I'd better figure out a way to do both. Ugh!!

"Always Faithful" -

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