Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On Inspiration, Creativity and Ideas

What inspires you? What is your Muse?

It is probably okay that I have not found my Muse because, Lord, I'm busy enough without one!

The very process of discovering some of the new things I am suddenly bold enough to try has raised me to a new level of inspiration. I am inspired by nature and by dreams. I find inspiration in my own dogged determination keep the Depression Wolf at bay (I don't always succeed, but I always try). I am inspired by others who are creative and courageous. Inspiration and creativity seem to set up a self-propagating cycle. When you are inspired to create, the act of creation itself can inspire new creativity.

Lately new story ideas have been bubbling up at all hours of the day and night. I have so many new ideas! I write them down and put them in my idea folder until their turn might come along.

In the meantime, I am trying to be methodical and disciplined in the way I work. I write least a couple of hours hours a day. Every day. I write a lot on the weekends. The discipline of writing every day on a schedule has made me a better writer. It certainly has made me more productive.

Interestingly, it also enhanced my receptivity to ideas that a year ago I would have ignored or rejected because I thought they were beyond my abilities or outside the boundaries I had somehow drawn around what I thought I was capable of writing. These days it seems that no idea is too wild for my writing folder. Things could get very interesting in the coming months and years.



  1. I read your comment on "Confident Writing" and clicked your link because what you said encouraged me. Here, I find that your mind does what mine does. I struggle with having ideas ooze from my pores, but I can find little time, solitude, or courage to attend to them. Once I become methodical and disciplined, will I ever catch up?
    Leah Pauls

  2. Making the time to write and mustering up the courage to sit down and actually do it took me decades. I didn't start until I was almost 50. I'm not sure that I will ever make up for the years I frittered away. I do know that I am glad I finally made a start.

    It has not been without cost, but I think the cost has been worth it. Please visit often and let's share the Adventure.

  3. I'm pushing 40, but my life circumstances are such that I feel I'm just starting out: Young, struggling family, with so many big dreams we have yet to realize.

    I want to start a band called Never Too Late. I want to write stories and poetry and songs that inspire people to embrace all that life offers, all that God gives.

    Blogs like this charge the current from my mind to my hands, helping me make the transition from thought to action.
    Thank you.
    Leah Pauls

  4. I am thrilled to be a catalyst that might help one person to move forward to express their creativity! Keep moving forward, and please stay in touch.