Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Home For Two

As I previously announced, I'm publishing my early, abandoned stories as E-books on Smashwords. This is my latest offering. It was supposed to to be a romance, but I think it turned into what is probably more accurately categorized as a love story. I'm not sure I really understand the distinction between the two genres.

In any case, it was loads of fun to write and I think it might make a fun vacation "beach read". Enjoy!
Mia Thomas works as an event planner for an international hotel chain. In the two years since her husband died in a freak accident at a construction site, Mia buried herself in her work. Against her better judgment Mia lets her daughter talk her into going on a European cruise. On their first night at sea, Mia meets an attorney who is also recently widowed. The shipboard romance that ensues doesn't fizzle on the dock as vacation flirtations are supposed to do.

Mia and Jeremy Waters soon discover that they are soul-mates. After overcoming the obstacles of incompatible careers requiring each of them to travel almost constantly (mostly in opposite directions) and the disapproval of their children, they embark upon a new life together.

The e-book is available here.


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