Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: "Shit My Dad Says" by Justen Halpern

This is a funny book.  A very funny book. The kind of book that made me stay up until 2:30 AM to finish it, laughing out loud so that my neighbors probably now know for sure I'm a lunatic.

I read it  because my dad was a kind of crusty, crotchety, old fart who always had something to say about everything. I thought it would ring true.  Halpern's dad makes my dad look like a choir boy.  But, even though my dad wasn't as crude as Mr. Halpern, he was kind of cut from a similar cloth.  Crusty but loving.  Expert cusser (Halpern's dad wins on F-bombs; my dad wins on creatively using other curse words so as to avoid F-bombs but still make the point -- because my mother hates the F-word.)

Anyway, this is a funny book by a good writer. 

I understand a TV series is in the making.  I'm thinking a sort of updated version of Archie Bunker.  It better be on cable. 

Hello, Tim Allen, what are you doing for the next couple of years?

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