Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Book: Hell In Texas

This is the third book in the Bev Deller series.  Bev is an insurance adjuster from Ohio who does not like change.  She has worked for the same company for nearly thirty years, doing largely the same work the entire time. She lives in the house where she was born, with her daughter, Emily, a high school junior. Bev's well-ordered life is about to be turned upside down.

Her immediate assignment is to investigate a suspicious fire that destroyed the home of a country music star.  Her investigation takes her to East Texas and the Smokey Mountains, peeking behind the scenes into the private life of one of country music's iconic figures (a person she'd never heard of, because Bev's a blues snob). It seems that almost everyone in Texas and Nashville could potentially have motive and/or opportunity to set the fire, except for the kid who confesses to the crime.

Bev's personal life life takes her to Florida, when daughter Emily decides she want to attend the University of Florida instead of Shawnee State. After that they spend a few days in Sarasota with Bev's flaky mother and her rich sister, where Bev falls in love with the Florida Gulf Coast.

Bev's smoldering romance with Ed Casey seems about to heat up, just as Cameron Andrews, the PI from the Cayman Islands, makes her a job offer she'd be a fool to refuse. (Of course, as Casey points out, Bev's been known to be a fool especially when risk-taking of any kind is involved.)

The Ebook is available here.

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