Monday, July 4, 2011

River of Stones - July Challenge

July 3 - Watching my beautiful daughter walk down the stairs to embark on a Holiday adventure.  She flashed the same megawatt smile she's had since her baby teeth came in. Her post-vacation tan is golden and the hot pink shirt showed it off to the max. The thing I loved the most was the large pink artificial flower behind her ear. It said, "Hey, world,  I am am here to have fun! Let's get on with it!!"

July 4 - After letting the sun bless my face for a while, I turned around and faced the ocean.  The onshore breeze was blowing at perhaps 15 mph, straight off the Atlantic. Crisp. Clean. Salty. Fresh. A blessing of a different kind.  I am filled with gratitude for my country, my family, my friends, and my life at the beach.

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