Sunday, July 17, 2011

River of Stones - July Challenge

This week was a frenzy of activity and (mostly negative) emotion. The main thing I focused on was not having a breakdown. By Friday, all I could do was curl up on the couch watching television, and  feeling exhausted, drained and empty. I think of that as "desert time". 

Desert time feels horrible when I'm in it, but it's usually very fruitful for me emotionally and spiritually.  It's as though my soul has to periodically flush itself of fear and negativity that builds up over time. The experience is literally soul-scorching. Afterwards, I am exhausted and empty.

But, that means I am cleansed and ready to be filled with new things: good and positive things. What is more, I am stronger for surviving the experience.

Besides which, drama like that will for sure show up in one of my stories sooner or later! 

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