Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review: "Tough Customer" by Sandra Brown

I seem to be working my way through Sandra Brown's entire oeuvre. This one is similar to Brown's other novels: fast-paced story with both violence and sex, but not too much of either; lots of twists and turns in the story, with surprises galore; zippy dialogue; strong women  who are in danger; and -- cowboys.

This was  particularly fun in that it features a mother and a daughter who both become involved with the cowboys in the story. One of them is a young, sexy and smart detective. The other is a private investigator who is almost over the hill and nearly washed up, but potentially redeemable. (I sincerely hope that there's another Dodge Hanley story in the pipeline that will reveal whether or not his redemption "takes".)

The story is set in motion when an advertising executive moves from Houston to her mother's lakeside retreat to reevaluate her life and escape a stalker. The stalker follows her and murders a male colleague who was visiting her to work on project. The woman's mother calls Dodge Hanley in Atlanta and asks him to come and help protect her daughter from the stalker. Turns out that the mother is the love of Dodge's life and her daughter is his biological child whom he has not seen since the day she was born. Against his better judgment, Dodge drops everything and heads for Texas to protect this unknown daughter.

In order to investigate what turns out to be a sadistic killing spree across central Texas, Dodge teams up with local detective Ski Nyland (another cowboy who appears to have "series potential"). Mayhem ensues, along with hot romance for all four parties.

Take this one to the pool! 

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