Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reading E-books

I sort of knew this would happen! One of the reasons I delayed buying an e-reader for so long was because I was afraid that I'd get carried away with it. I was right. I am a lifelong biblioholic. Before I got married, I spent almost as much money on books as I did on clothes (and I spent a LOT on clothes). When my daughter was born and I decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I vowed to quit buying books to economize, but I didn't stop reading them. I went to the library weekly and loaded up with anywhere from three to five books. I stayed out of bookstores. After I got online, I pretended didn't exist. After I finally went back to work, I allowed myself the occasional foray into a Barnes and Noble store, and once or twice a year (usually at Christmas) I permitted myself a dangerous visit to Until recently, I still obtained most of my reading material from the library. 

Now, I have a Kindle that is never out of my reach. I spend a lot of time reading. I spend a lot of time trolling the Internet for e-books. I'm having a ball reveling in the thrill of the pursuit of new book adventures. I can't wait until Amazon allows for library loaning on the Kindle (scheduled for later this year). That will be the best of all worlds.

I am so busy reading these days, I'm not writing very much, however. That's a problem for a writer.  I'm thinking of it as "drawing inspiration" instead of slothfully spending my days lost in imaginary worlds created by others. (Which is kind of like spending my days lost in imaginary worlds I created, only less work.)

Now if they could just make the Kindle smell like a book......

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