Wednesday, October 26, 2011

E-Book Review: "The Essence" by Nancy MacCreery

Disclaimer:  I read this book at the author's request, and accepted a free copy of the eBook in exchange for  a review. 

In terms of genre, the book is an action romance.

Sophia Dubonnet Smith is a magazine writer who is driven to move her career to the next level. She is recovering from a messy divorce, and not in the market for a man.  Out of the blue, she is invited to a remote Eastern European country to write a profile about the country's mysterious dictator, Nicolai Hewzenko, who has a reputation in the West as a despot. She finds that Nicolai, in person, is a complex and appealing man, who makes her feel things she doesn't want to feel. She does the same for him.  In the beginning, they dance around one another: the Western professional woman, and Eastern European potentate. 

There's a little bit of a "Beauty and the Beast" feel to it at first. But, after the reader learns more about Sophia (who is a lot tougher than she first appears) and Nicolai (who has some very interesting qualities you wouldn't expect to see in a dictator), their mutual attraction makes sense.

During her visit, rebellion breaks out among Nicolai's troops, and Sophia is caught up in the madness. (I don't want to spoil the rest of it, so I'll quit here.)

Recommended beach reading!
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