Wednesday, January 4, 2012

E-Book Review: "The Call of the Herald" by Brian Rathbone

This is the first of a series, set in a mythical place that seems suspiciously like Australia. An ancient legend about the coming of "The Herald" appears to be about to come true. The people of Godsland are under attack from a foreign nation that wants to destroy the Herald because they fear it will attempt to destroy them.

The Herald turns out to appear in the guise of a young girl. She possesses enormous powers that she does not know how to control. Guarded by a small group of faithful friends, she journeys across the land, in search of a safe place, while fighting the invaders to protect her homeland.

The book was very well written. The characters were interesting and engaging.  The bad guys are super bad. The heroes are good people, but flawed in ways that make them believable and sympathetic. I think the book could have benefited from more backstory: I wanted to know the source of the legends, a little more of the history of Godsland and the origin of their enmity with the invaders.  I'm guessing that information will be contained in the next volume of the series.

It was a good story, well told.

Get the book here.  The author's website is here.

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