Wednesday, January 11, 2012

E-Book Review: "The Supermodel's Best Friends" by Gretchen Galway

I read this book on a weekend while attending a destination wedding. That turned out to be a hilarious irony. 

Lucy is 34 and desperate to get married and start a family. Her long-time boyfriend dumps her and she decides to let her friends pick her next beau because she so obviously sucks at picking men.  Her best friend, a supermodel, is about to marry a rich guy (who so doesn't deserve her!!!). The girlfriends propose to fix Lucy up with a guy at the wedding.

Alex seems like the perfect choice. Safe, reliable, ready to get married.  Lucy is determined to make it a go with him.

Enter the best man, Miles. He works in a non-profit youth center and would appear to be a Peter Pan-like character except for his dedication to the youth he serves.  He was just dumped by his girlfriend because he wouldn't marry her.

Miles intends to make Lucy his next conquest. Lucy intends to avoid him like the plague. You know what they say about "intentions"?  A weekend of hot sex ensues (from now on, I will always peek under the tablecloth of the cake table at weddings).  The big surprise for Miles and Lucy is that the sex is prelude to real love.

And Miles turns out to be not such a Peter Pan after all.

The book is advertised as a humorous romance. I didn't really find it funny. It was engaging, sexy and sweet.  But, not really funny.

Buy it here.  The author's website is here.

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