Wednesday, February 8, 2012

E-book Review: "The Beholder" by David Bishop

This was an excellent thriller. A serial killer is on the loose and Maddie Richards has to find him before the panic in the city gets any worse. The search for the killer kept me flicking pages (that's the Kindle version of turning pages) to the point that I ended up reading the whole story straight through. The tension never let up enough to allow me to take a break.

The secondary characters were interesting, some engaging and sympathetic and some smarmy and fun-to-loathe.  But, the heart of the story is Maddie Richards, police detective extraordinaire, mother, daughter, divorcee -- not to mention a strong but also terribly vulnerable woman. I am amazed and thrilled that a male author could write such a fabulous female character.

I want to read more Maddie Richards novels!

The author's website is here.  Buy it here on Smashwords.

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