Wednesday, February 1, 2012

E-book Review: "Tom Hubbard is Dead" by Robert Price

This book blew me away.  I can't describe the story without giving away some of the amazing surprises it reveals on almost every page, so I'm going to stick with a simple endorsement.

The entire novel takes place during an afternoon in a small New England town. The family and friends of a soldier killed in Iraq gather in the family farmhouse to mourn his passing. A couple of unexpected visitors show up. It turns out that Tom Hubbard had a some secrets (a lot of them). The characters are fascinating and each of the "small town" characters rings totally true. The surprise visitors are truly amazing as is the reaction of family to the strangers.

It's a simple, "small" story with relatively little action, but the emotional impact is explosive, and lasting. 

I don't dare say any more about the book other than: by all means go buy it, now!

The author's website is here.  Buy it here on Smashwords.

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