Wednesday, March 21, 2012

E-Book Review: "The Trouble with Green" by Liv James

Josie's business running a consortium of eco-friendly inns is about to take off after she receives a very favorable write-up in a national publication. Her marriage, however, is on the rocks and her husband plans to take a job across the country. Then the owners of one of her inns disappear and Josie receives a frantic call from one of their employees asking for her help.

Josie travels to California to take over the running the inn until the owners can be located. The inn is in chaos in part because no one knows the passwords to the reservations database. The hotel is unprepared for its guests.  An unwelcome guest from Josie's past shows up at the inn and refuses to leave and an heiress is murdered in her room.

After that, the action really takes off. 

This book was full of surprises. It was advertised as a romance. The first chapter made it sound like an adventure. Then it switched to kind of straight up chick lit for a couple of chapters to allow the reader to get to know and care about Josie, her family and her business. After that it turned into a mystery, before switching back to a suspense/adventure with nail-biting, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-flipping-pages-really-fast climax. In short, it was a thrill ride. 

The author's website is here. Buy it at Smashwords here.

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