Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Lord must love the Internet. It certainly makes Revelation so much more convenient. Before the Internet, the Creator had to resort to things like Burning Bushes, crazy prophets and even crazier mystics to communicate with humanity.  These days if I'm looking for the answer to a question, all I have to do is noodle it around all week and then log into my email and read the blogs I subscribe to. Sure enough one of them will have posted something that speaks directly to my issue du jour.  Last week the on-point post came from Writer Unboxed, on techniques writers can use when the time comes for them to dig deeper in order to progress as a writer.  This is exactly the advice I needed right now.

As I've mentioned, lately, I've been struggling with my writing. I feel the need to do something else for a while. I've turned a corner in my personal life, and am heading off in a totally new direction. Physically and emotionally I'm sort of in the process of transforming into someone new. As a writer, I need to pause and get acquainted with the new person I am becoming, to find her Voice and contemplate the issues that she will write about. 

I haven't decided what to do with my time off. So far I've spent most of my former writing-time either sleeping, reading cheap-or-free indie novels on my Kindle, trolling the Internet for more cheap-or-free indie novels to read, messing around on Yahoo News reading random articles or watching stand up comedy on Netflix.  I've also increased the amount of exercise I've been getting and taken up listening to music again.

In addition, I have been editing my last two finished draft novels. I like them both, and so I'm going to publish them this year before I write anything new.  That will give me the opportunity to analyze what I've been doing and consider what changes I want to make.

Anyway, please check out Writer Unboxed for some great writing advice.

If you'd like to share your tips for how you spend fallow time between novels, please share them in Comments! 

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