Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Book: "Mountain People"

My latest novel, Mountain People, is now available on Smashwords and various other vendors, including Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo (but not Amazon).

This is a contemporary love story.  For me it was a happy return to the Southern women's fiction that I love to write (and read).

Loretta Russell is an MIT-educated computer nerd who has lived far away from her tiny North Carolina home town for a couple of decades. Both she and her neighbors are fine with that, because Loretta had always been something of a misfit in the community. After encountering complications due to hip surgery, her mother asks Loretta to come home to help run the bed and breakfast she operates in the family home. Despite a prickly relationship, Loretta loves her mother, so she closes up her apartment in Silicon Valley, scales down her business, and immediately (before she can chicken out) she heads for the hills.

After settling into her new life in her old home, Loretta discovers many things about living in the Smokey Mountains that she loves. The two most important are hiking in the forest and cooking with her mother, especially her newly discovered love of baking pies. She enjoys baking so much, she starts an online business selling "Miss Loretta's Pies."

Jackson Shepherd is an emergency room physician in Asheville, North Carolina, who has sort of drifted through life with no particular goals. He is estranged from his family, and trying to get accustomed to living in the South again after attending medical school, and doing both his internship and residency, in Ohio. Dr. Shepherd is Loretta's best pie customer, buying two a month to serve at ER staff meetings. When he finds himself free for an entire weekend, Jackson checks into the Russell Inn. He hikes in the woods and hangs out in the kitchen with Loretta and her mother. Sparks fly between Jackson and Loretta, and they race down the path toward love.

But, there's a the stalker in the woods who would deny them their happily-ever-after.

The e-book is available here at Smashwords.  By way of thanks to you for visiting my blog, use this coupon code for a free copy: EN48J.

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