Sunday, October 21, 2012

Muddling Through A Bad Patch

We've all had to do it. Sometimes we navigate times of trouble better than others. I tend to write more when I'm unhappy. I think that being creative is something that brings me such satisfaction, it serves as a counter-weight to whatever may be making me unhappy.

But, I have periods when I'm too easily distracted. I've never personified those distractions and periods of chasing-my-tail instead of putting my butt in the chair and the computer in my lap. This post from Writer Unboxed is delightful and useful, both for the humorous imagery of the anti-Muse sitting on her ass in the dirt as well as the obvious but important point that there is no "magic bullet."  There is no one way for an author to get back on track.

That is because there are so many paths we can follow to get us off track. It stands to reason, there are equally as many ways to re-focus and let the Muse do her thing.

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