Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Writer's Platform v. Authentic Life-sharing Online - An Evolutionary Journey

Writer Unboxed is a super blog for writers.  Recently one of their contributors posted this article about platform.

I have struggled with this issue on several levels.  On the one hand, I've pretty much decided that I don't want to write a "writer's blog" as much as I want to write a blog about my experience of the things that I write about.  The audience I want for the blog is not so much other writers, but potential readers -- who will are likely to be "fellow travelers" on the journey through midlife.

Perhaps, because I am not comfortable trying to hawk my books (or anything else, for that matter) from my blog, I'm more comfortable blogging about the kinds of life experiences that are common at this stage of life.

I love the post for a whole lot of reasons. For one thing, I like the free verse format. For another, it appeared in my Inbox literally while I was contemplating where I was going wrong with my blog. For me writing (both fiction and blogging) is an adjunct to the Journey. Because I'm a writer, I'm sure I'll blog about that from time to time, but I'd rather share more about my personal experiences of aging, in addition to continuing to recommend books and movies that I have enjoyed.

So, my plan for this blog is to have it:
          "Represent the complexity of [my] writing
And [me] as a person
Constantly evolving"

I love that.

Please, join me. 


  1. That post is indeed very helpful. Thank you for your response to my comment. I replied to you too .:) Nice meeting you here!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog as well. I'll probably write something here about that anxiety issue in coming weeks. It seems to have opened something of a floodgate.... Stay tuned.