Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Book Sale

I always believed that I couldn't be a "real" writer until someone paid me for writing something. My head always thought that was BS because reason tells me that something I'm so passionate about and that I spend so much time doing must count for something in and of itself, but my heart and my gut were adamant that until somebody actually plunked down cash money for my work, I was only a "would-be writer."

Friday my BFF bought a copy of Always Faithful. That was sweet of her and I really wanted to "count" it, but my heart wouldn't let me do it. It counts as my very first sale and the first royalty I've earned, for which I love her even more than I did before (which was a LOT). Having J buy a copy of my book was nice, but I couldn't really "count" it because she loves me and she knows how important this is to me. She probably bought it just to be supportive.

Sunday, however, I crossed over into the realm of "Writer". Somebody I do not actually know bought a copy of my book. Someone I have never actually met and who knows me only through my writing. Therefore: IT COUNTS!

Somebody paid for a story I wrote. I am thrilled ... and grateful ... and humbled.

That makes me even more determined than ever to write stories that others may enjoy reading half as much as I enjoy writing them.

"Always Faithful" - E-store

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