Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two-Pronged Approach

I decided to self-publish several months ago because I believed that the time I was spending querying agents was taking too much time from my already limited
writing time. I thought that I might be able to sell some of my stories on Amazon without the frustrating, time-consuming and annoying business of querying agents.

Okay, everybody stop laughing, now!

I have actually sold a few books, mostly to friends and family, but I'll bet they are the first ones to buy "officially" published novels as well.

Having built up an inventory of completed manuscripts over several years, even my unobjective eye can see how I have grown as a novelist. Despite my love for them, I know that my early stories are not as good as what I am writing now. That does not mean someone might not enjoy them. Therefore, I am going to take a two-pronged approach to publishing. I will continue to self-publish works that I have been unable to get published through the traditional route. I want to share the stories I have worked so hard to write. Even if they are not good enough for a standard publisher, someone might enjoy reading them. My self publishing will be the literary equivalent of putting stuff out by the curb and hoping that somebody will come along who needs it and can use it.

I also plan to go through the usual channels for my newer stories, at least until I am satisfied that there is no interest in the regular marketplace. At that point, I will consider self-publishing them as well.

This will probably create even more work for me in the long run, but it feels right to me.

Today, anyway.


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