Saturday, October 17, 2009

Excerpt - "The Adventures of Miss Maybelle"

From Chapter 2 The Adventures of Miss Maybelle

Maybelle watched the sunrise on that quiet Sunday morning and the tranquil beauty of the mountains began to seep into her soul. Eventually, her coffee cup empty and the sunrise show over, she went inside and got dressed for her morning walk.

The Old Lady kept telling her that she had a big day yesterday and she should take it easy. Maybelle told the Old Lady to shut the hell up. She tied her hiking boots, slung a backpack containing several bottles of water and some snacks across one shoulder and a camera bag across the other, clipped her GPS on her waistband, picked up her walking stick and headed across the field in back of the house toward the hills.

Felicia came running out after her, shouting, “Miss Maybelle, where are you going? Don't go that way!”

Maybelle stopped and walked back to Felicia, “I won't get lost. I have my GPS with me. See, I've got the coordinates of your house, and so I can always get back here.”

“But what if you fall?”

She pointed at a red button on the GPS, “That's my super-high-tech, bad-ass mother of all medic-alerts. It bounces an SOS off the satellite and alerts the authorities to the fact that I need help and also tells them where I am, to within a few yards. Cool, huh?” She patted Felicia's hand and added, “I'll be fine, dear. You go to church and say a little prayer for me, if it'll make you feel better.”


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