Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blow-me-away Blog Posts: Momentum

Twitter is growing on me. I really hated it at first, but it is turning into a source for running across really excellent blogs I might not otherwise have found. Recently, I came across this post from Michael Hyatt . I also signed up for Randy Ingermanson's e-mail newsletter. Here's a link to the current one.

Ingermanson says that to succeed as a writer (or whatever your dream happens to be) it has to be one of the top three things you spend time on, i. e. it has to be among your top priorities. Hyatt says you have to achieve momentum to succeed in anything. Momentum arises out of divinely assisted intense focus. Combining the two ideas, I come up with:
  • We are Called to a task.
  • We respond by embracing the Calling with all our heart and commit ourselves to do it, eliminating distractions.
  • We persevere until we are finished.
The momentum part is key to perseverance. We can "persevere" by poking along and simply "doing our job." We won't accomplish much, and it is likely that we would give up if the going got tough. Alternatively we can embrace and love our Calling, in which case we will pursue it with self-abandoning passion. That generates the momentum that keeps us going, and makes it possible that we will achieve our goal.

It seems important to add that living and working with passion makes us happy, whether or not we eventually "succeed".


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