Sunday, March 14, 2010

Morning Commute

I have moved and am in the process of getting used to a lot of new things. Here's a recent reflection on my drive to work:

When I pulled out of my street, I could see the pink and purple-ish trailers as the sun was just about to breach the skyline. Palm trees were black against the sky. I couldn't see the ocean, but I knew it was there. Just knowing I was so close to the sea shore made me smile.

I turned left and then right on the back road to the mainland. Two miles. Left turn onto the bridge across the intra-coastal waterway. This morning the water was mirror calm. The pink from the sunrise reflected off clouds that hung like heavy living room drapes across the river. Far down the river a boat crept along with running lights so bright they hurt my eyes. Lights were on inside a few of the fancy condos on the waterfront. Were the residents getting ready for work, or did they get up to watch the sunrise?

In only the time it took me to cross the bridge, the pinkness was gone and the day had decided to turn gloomy.

Somehow I managed not to wreck the car while I was delighting in the serene beauty of my morning commute.

Moments later I pulled into the parking lot at work: Calm. Happy. Ready for the day.

Three miles. Ten minutes. No traffic. Beautiful scenery. Definitely a commute I can live with!



  1. Now that the time has changed, I'm going to work in the dark again. Bummer!

    But, the upside is that it's still light when I get home so I was able to go for a walk on the beach after I got home from work. Now that is a good way to end a day.

    Thank you for your regular visits.

  2. Hi Meredith! I just noticed you are linking to me as a writer. I had a crap day today, and you made my day. Thank you!

  3. Thanks! I'm a huge fan of yours, although I haven't stopped by lately due to some personal issues. I have to tell you that I identified with your post today. Lots of days my Daughter Dear and I both ended up in tears. We've both survived.

    That's all I got today. :-)