Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspirational Post ...

Between personal issues and total craziness at my day job, I got off track a bit in March. I gave myself permission to do it because I need to take extra special care of myself these days, and that included slowing down and chilling out a bit. It is important to do that from time to time, but when that period is over, it's time to knuckle down and get back to business. Writing 1000 words before breakfast is not just one of the impossible things I believe in, it's something I do on a very regular basis, with occasional time off for bad behavior (such as sleeping in till 6:00 AM or editing a story I'm particularly loving instead of writing new content).

I don't share the fact that I write fiction with very many of the people I know, largely because I don't want to deal with either the naysayers who would discourage me or the overly enthusiastic cheerleaders who would have me accept "good enough" writing instead of striving for the very best writing I can do.

Either way, for writers it is critical not to allow ourselves to be distracted from our goal.

Anyway, check out this bit of inspiration at Writer Unboxed. I'm going to put a shortcut to this one on my desktop!


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