Sunday, April 11, 2010

Morning commute - Redux

As I turned onto the bridge, the drawbridge was just going up. I think I said "Dammit" out loud.

But wait! There have been so many mornings when it was all I could do not to stop in the middle of the bridge to savor the beauty of the sunrise over the intra-coastal waterway. This morning I had the opportunity to do just that, at the very moment the sunrise reached the peak of it's beauty. Both the sky and the water were streaked with pink and purple.

The glassy water looked like mercury, reflecting the sky with nary a ripple. A beautiful yacht, traveling barely above idle speed, glided under the bridge, leaving only the suggestion of a wake. A six-man crew followed directly behind the yacht in the V of its (minimal) wake.

I savored the view and cherished the moment for a few minutes. Then I rolled down the car windows and took some pictures with my phone. As the drawbridge went down, I reminded myself that I need to slow down, seek out and savor such marvelous Zen moments, immersing myself in beauty and filling my soul with gratitude.



  1. As you said, you wanted a chance to stop and look!

  2. You're right. I'm hard to please even when I get what I say I want. Hmmmm. Human, I reckon.