Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've written quite a few novels in the last five years. I have loved none of them more than Spoleto. I'm sure it's all but unpublishable for a variety of reasons. The story emerged from my unconscious without any planning: it was already a whole story with a beginning, middle and ending. All I had to do was write it down. I didn't make any effort to make it reflect accurately the manner in which the Spoleto Music Festival is actually run. I made it accurate according to my heart's calling to write a story about how a culture that clings to an imaginary past glory can still manage to produce people who are able to grab love's brass ring when it comes by, no matter what the consequences may be.

Rochelle Hammond-Jones returns to Charleston, South Carolina, after more than two decades of living in New York. Divorced and with her children all launched, she returns to her home town ostensibly to care for her aged father, but in actuality she's home to make a new life for herself. She arrives at the beginning of the Spoleto Music Festival, Charleston's signature arts event.

She meets her father's landlord on her first day home, and soon realizes she has found her soul's true mate. Obstacles to their relationship are legion, including his unresolved relationship with another man, her post-divorce determination never to fall in love again and the opposition her children. One by one, the obstacles fall, and Rochelle and Guinyard embark on a happily-ever-after-life in support of the local arts community.

The e-book is available on Smashwords here.


  1. If it's dear to your heart, then that's what matters!

  2. I am not even sure why I love this one so much more than the others. There's something about the characters' ability to be strong despite their vulnerability that inspires me.