Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Review: "Comeback America" by David M. Walker

This is a departure for me. I usually review fiction, but this is an important book, and I want to spread the word about it. David Walker has been involved in auditing government spending in one capacity or another since the Reagan administration. He has some very important things to say about fiscal responsibility and what America needs to do to get back on track. Our government officials should listen to him. American citizens should, too.

This book charts a course for America to pull itself out of the economic ditch we have fallen into. We have become accustomed immediate gratification. We "buy now, pay later" – or we don't pay at all, and simply file for bankruptcy. We buy houses and cars we can't afford. We buy whatever we want now, and worry about how to pay for it later. Our government has been doing the same thing for years, only with trillions of our tax dollars. With the exception of the remarkable surpluses accumulated (somewhat miraculously) by the Clinton administration, for most of my life, America has spent more than it earned. That doesn't work for individuals. It doesn't work for a country.  Eventually the bills come due.

Getting back on track is going to take hard work and sacrifice by everyone in our country. We need to start now.

This book is a little Utopian in its grand plan, but it offers some good ideas from a credible source. If nothing else it should make us think.  Please read it.

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