Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Marathon Nightmare" is now available

Bev's back! I found Bev Deller, the main character in After the Fire, so interesting, I've written two more novels with her as the protagonist.  The second in the series, Marathon Nightmare, is now available on Smashwords.

Following her success settling the restaurant fire in After the Fire, Bev is assigned to investigate a suspicious fire in a crummy motel in Marathon, Florida.  The owner is a rich businessman who operates restaurants and casinos all around the Caribbean, but who lives a secret life of luxury and crime.  He admits under oath that he set the fire, but did he really do it?  Everyone Bev encounters in  the Keys appears to have secrets, and no one tells her the whole truth about anything. The investigation takes Bev from the Florida Keys, to Miami, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, in her efforts to pierce the impenetrable wall of secrets and lies hiding the truth of the fire's origin.

Simultaneously, Bev helps her daughter, Emily, through a life crisis; her relationship with Fire Chief Ed Casey takes an interesting turn; and, a mysterious private investigator in the Cayman Islands offers her a job. Will she leave Midwestern Indemnity after almost thirty years?

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