Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Goals

Other than at my day job (which was very busy) I seriously slacked off in all areas of my life in December. Between the short days and cold weather, I got too little exercise and spent too much time huddled in the house wrapped in a blanket. Holidays are always emotional for me. This year more than ever. It was my first Christmas alone.  So, I took it easy. I got way more sleep than I'm used to. I ate junk I never let myself have any other time of year. I permitted myself to turn into a sloth for a month.

On the up side, I read several fabulous (and a few not-so fabulous) books, which I will review here in coming weeks.

Now it's a new year. The days are getting longer, which always helps alleviate my winter depression. Soon I will be able to get back to daily walks. I'm ready to get back in the groove of writing.

I am groping towards a new direction in my writing these days. For the last five years, my writing has been about people whose lives change course in midlife, and the various ways they find move on. I think that was all rehearsal for the massive implosion that occurred in my own life last year. My primary focus recently was on putting Humpty back together again in real life. My discipline for writing fiction suffered a setback because I was occupied with other things.

That setback, I think, is more apparent than real. I may not have been as productive as I had been in the past (although I completed two first drafts of a series, which is not too bad), but I sure accumulated a lot of new material to use in my writing! I can tell already that it's paying off. I write with more confidence. I have written enough novels to know what works for me, so I am less likely to write myself into a jam. I think the creative juices that have been simmering may be ready to bubble over soon.

I'm up for that!

In the meantime, I plan to return to putting my butt in my chair every morning and writing something.

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