Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving Books: Bookstores

Once someone gave me a $10 gift certificate to a bookstore. My then-husband laughed and commented that was the equivalent of giving an alcoholic a dollar and sending them into a bar. He was right.

Bookstores are dangerous places for me. Before I had my daughter, over the course of any given year I probably spent more money in bookstores than any other stores. I trolled bookstores, and dropped a load of coin every time I walked in the door. While I love libraries, I love owning books even more.

I like to buy books and bring them home, savoring them and taking possession of them by writing my name, the date of purchase and making notes in the margins. I love to wander through bookstores waiting for titles to jump up at me and choose me to purchase them.

Bookstores are for me a little like church: sacred places of awe, reverence and wonder.

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