Sunday, March 6, 2011

Writing about Violence

I do not like graphic violence in books or movies, but we live in a violent world, and sometimes the subject matter of a novel demands a certain level of violence. Recently, in the process of drafting a story that was supposed to be about a ship-board romance on a cruise, the story took a sudden turn when hijackers seized the ship and, instead of spending the rest of the cruise having sex on the balcony, which was their original plan, the main characters found themselves in a shootout with a bunch of well-armed terrorists. I didn't see that coming any more than my main characters!

Instead of a kind of contemporary bodice ripper, the story turned into a fight for survival, on a couple of levels.

The novel itself still falls into the genre of Romance, but it has more action than any story I had previously attempted. I was surprised by how much fun it was to write. I may take a shot at an action adventure sometime in the near future!

Who knew that writing about shooting people could be so much fun?   

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