Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: "Last Man Standing" by David Baldacci

I previously reviewed The Whole Truth by this author.  I bought this book for vacation reading. It was a  pretty good way to spend an afternoon at the pool: Handsome, sexy, and very damaged hero bests numerous super bad-ass bad guys while sort of falling for a psychiatrist who finds out some significant information about Our Hero under hypnosis, information she chooses to withhold from him.  She is a sympathetic enough character to get away with that dishonesty while allowing the reader to hope that the two characters will get together eventually, despite her betrayal of his privacy.

There's violence, brutality, and high-tech thrills. The bad guys get their just desserts. The "good guys" (whose white hats are not without some smudges) come out on top, sort of.  You get the feeling that despite all the awful things that happen, "Good" will ultimately prevail, and the Guy will get the Girl.

I liked this better than The Whole Truth. Maybe that was just because I was in the mood for a pure, unadulterated Vacation Thriller.This filled the bill.

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