Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review: "Standoff" by Sandra Brown

I bought this at a used book sale. I was going on vacation and wanted to stock up on cheap books I wouldn't mind dropping in the pool. My last experience with Brown's work led me to think she'd be a good author to invite on my vacation. I wasn't wrong.

Actually, I liked this book better than Smashcut. I don't know why, really. It strained credulity in many places and occasionally lapsed into stereotypes, but it was a fun read ... and I'm a sucker for a book featuring a strong, silent cowboy with a mysterious past.

Tiel McCoy is a TV reporter who is on her way to New Mexico for vacation with her new boyfriend. Her boss calls her to tell her that a story is breaking in the very part of rural Texas through which she is passing. She agrees to take a detour to check it out. She stops for gas and coffee and ends up in the middle of a situation in which a gunman/kidnapper holds a bunch of people hostage while a teenage girl (the daughter of a Dallas tycoon) gives birth on the floor of the diner, attended by a cowboy known as "Doc" with the assistance of Tiel herself, with a motley array of characters look on. It's kind of a classic "stranger walks into a rural diner" suspense, with a "city gal falls in love with a cowboy" romance element.

The plot may be a bit hokey, but the suspense is unrelenting and it doesn't tax the brain at all. In other words, it's perfect vacation reading!  All out fun, and totally forgettable the moment it's over. I'm inviting Sandra Brown on vacation from now on!

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