Wednesday, December 21, 2011

E-Book Review: "A Family Affair" by Marilyn McPherson

Set in contemporary Australia, this book focuses on the romance between Tom Bradley, the fabulously successful CEO of a cosmetics empire, and Ellen Jackson, a hotel maid whose universe is turned upside down when Tom discovers her, turns her into a model who is "the face" of his company, and then courts her relentlessly. Their romance is gossip column fodder throughout the country.  Enter Colleen Watson, Ellen's biological mother, recently released from prison, who attempts to blackmail Bradley.  Colleen ends up killed in a bank robbery when she goes to pick up the blackmail money.  Ellen is kidnapped by Colleen's boyfriend. Her best friend double-crosses her and then ends up dead. That's all I can tell you without a spoiler, but believe me, it stays good until the last paragraph.

This story is a thrill ride from page one. I enjoyed it immensely, although I agree with some of the other people who reviewed it on Smashwords: it could have been a bit longer, with more backstory and more fully developed characterizations.

Even so, it was a totally absorbing read on a frightfully stormy afternoon. Good job! I'll definitely read McPherson's other book.

This book is available on Smashwords for free.


  1. Thanks for the very nice review. I'm blown away that you enjoyed all my far fetched story ideas. It was a lot of fun to write. MM

  2. You're more than welcome. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. "A Family Affair" by Marilyn McPherson contains all the elements that I enjoy in a book - romance and mystery, tenderness and suspense, intrigue and conflict, GREAT twists-and-turns, a slowly-awakening character development, and yes -- just the right touch of resolution to permit that 'happily-ever-after' feeling to flow .