Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter sneaked up on me this year. My days and weeks flow by like rosary beads,  made up of five identical days and then two different ones. I lose track of the passage of time. I (almost) always know what day of the week it is, but I often have to stop and think about what month it is. Fortunately, my word processing software dates everything for me, and my phone shows both the time and date, so I am usually able to manage to fake it.

In any case, this year has been so warm and beautiful, the winter was kind of like a long early spring. I never really felt the change of season (other than the sneezing and stuffy nose when the pollen started blowing around).  A week or so ago, somebody asked me what I was doing for Easter. I hadn't even thought about it. Daughter Dear is out of town and I don't go to church, so I guess Easter is a kind of non-event for me this year. Like Christmas. 

I think I have stepped off the liturgical calendar and I now keep a different cycle of time. For me the times in the year that cause me to stop, reflect and feel grateful are:

New Year's Day - a time of reflection on the past and planning for the future 
The first day in the year when it is warm enough to walk barefoot on the beach - a day for rejoicing
The first day it hits 90-degrees - this is cause for joy because it means the summer has begun, but mixed with the knowledge that it will be a long time before it cools off again (and hurricane season is around the corner)
The summer solstice  - this is a kind of sad day for me because it means the days will be growing shorter and there will be less time to walk on the beach after work
July 4th  - I love fireworks and hot dogs
My daughter's birthday  - this day is way more important (and emotional) for me than my birthday which follows a week later.
Veteran's Day - because it's important to remember and be grateful
Thanksgiving  -because I love cranberries and dressing and any occasion that causes me to stop and count my blessings

I rather enjoy avoiding the religious and commercial "Hallmark holidays" in favor of my own personal observance of special days that resonate with meaning for me.

Happy Easter to those who observe it. I'm off to the beach for my practice of happily and gratefully treading on sacred ground. 

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