Wednesday, May 2, 2012

E-Book Review: "Race Traitor" by Elisa Hategan

This is a disturbing but engrossing story. 

Lara Aslan is a 16-year old runaway whose desperation for love and belonging allow her to be caught in the clutches of a neo-Nazi, white supremacist organization, which trains her to be a commando in a campaign that the "Patriot Front" intends to explode into an all-out race war. Lara turns the tables when, with the help of a French journalist, a lesbian police officer and her own courage, she agrees to testify in a criminal trial against the mastermind behind the organization. 

The story is dark and frightening. The bad guys are monsters. The good guys are from interesting sources and they are surprisingly effective.Lara is a unique heroine who is both a love-starved adolescent and a highly trained military commando, both of which are at the threshold of giving birth to a woman of courage and passion . It was so brutal, I wanted to give up on it most of the way through. I kept reading, however, because it the writer's voice is strong enough to hold my attention and the main character is so sympathetic, I had to keep reading to find out what would happen to her.  I'm glad I finished it.

The author's website is here.   Buy it here.


  1. the amazing coincidence is the heroine's last name is the same as the name of the heroic archetype in CS Lewis novels.

    for Aslan is the name of the lion furry who symbolizes Jesus Christ in Lewis' fantasy series, The Lion Whitch and Wardrobe.

  2. I'm thinking that may not have been coincidental at all. Hmmm??? I read LWW a long time ago, and had forgotten that was the hero's name. Thanks for pointing that out.

    And thanks for stopping by.