Wednesday, December 28, 2011

E-Book Review: "One Deadly Sister" by Rod Hoisington

Ray Reid is in jail in Florida on a trumped up murder charge. He has nowhere to turn but to his sister, Sandy. The problem is, she hates his guts and hangs up on him. Blood being thicker than water, against her better judgment she agrees to go to Florida and try to find out what happened to the senator who was running for governor but who is now dead. Sandy is uniquely suited for that purpose because her job is investigating crimes for a Philadelphia criminal defense firm.

Ray appears to be headed for Old Sparky, with nobody to help him but an over-the-hill lawyer and his Yankee sister. The Yankee sister turns out to be quite a gal. She manages to irritate virtually everybody she encounters, both the good guys and the bad guys. Fortunately for Ray, she's a crack investigator who teams up with a local detective to crack the case, save Ray's butt and, maybe, fall in love to boot.

This book was an interesting combination of old-fashioned detective novel with cracking dialog and an almost staccato narrative voice -- but with a twist. In this case, the hard-ass private investigator is a
pretty girl and the "distressed party" is a man.  It has all the bizarre and creepy people you'd expect to see in a novel set in Florida. 

I'll be reading more of Hoisington's work, for sure!

His Smashwords Bio is here. Get the book here. His website is here.


  1. No better way to start a year than to wake up on New Year’s Day and find your kind review of my mystery novel One Deadly Sister. You are too generous, but I do appreciate the words coming from such an experienced writer as Meredith Rae Morgan. Best wishes for success with your blog and all your endeavors.

  2. You're welcome! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work in 2012.