Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year is Starting Off Right

The first thing I saw when I stepped on the beach this morning was a lone dolphin swimming north, straight and fast. I stopped to watch him (her?), smiling. I consider dolphins heralds of good fortune. Even if they do not exactly bring good luck, they never fail to make me happy, simply watching their graceful movements and what always appear to be happy faces.

An hour later, as I was approaching the end of my walk, an entire pod of dolphin (six to eight of them) passed me, swimming southbound, just a little faster than I was walking. I followed them. At the end of the on-ramp where I would leave the beach, there was a huge school of fish (I couldn't see the fish but I could see the cloud of whirling seagulls roiling above them, and the surface was a different shade of blue than the surrounding water ). The dolphins slipped very slowly -- one at a time -- among the fish. Then they began to circle. They didn't splash around, herding the fish like they sometimes do. Were they waiting until everyone got into position?

I wonder if the lone dolphin I saw at the beginning of my walk was going to get the others to join him (her?) for breakfast. 

Whatever was happening with the dolphins, it was a fantastic beginning for my day.  I've decided to interpret it as a good omen for 2012. 


  1. Sounds like an auspicious beginning for the new year. I've always thought of dolphins as good luck. How fascinating to see them in their natural surroundings!

  2. Yeah, it never fails to delight me when I have a dolphin encounter.